Dairy Department

The Dairy department was revamped in the summer of 2007 with our brand new walk in cooler! This has allowed us to expand our offerings in this great area of the store. We pride ourselves on our selection organic items as well as our variety of local milk, eggs, yogurts and butter. Looking for Organic raw unpasteurized milk and cream? Look no further than the first door of the dairy department! There is a huge variety of yogurt and keifer as well as the hugely popular Kombucha beverages. All the traditional items such as sour cream, butter, pasteurized & homogenized milks and creams are available as well.

Along with all those items you would expect to find in a dairy department we also have a large variety of "specialty" dietary items. Vegans and vegetarians will have little problem filling their shopping carts with all the tofu and tempeh choices along with the other meatless options.

Vegetarian Alternatives

We've also got a full range of soy foods and dairy alternatives, whether you are a vegetarian or just looking to add some healthy variety to your diet. There are age-old standbys like tofu and tempeh, amazing meat-like substitutes and an ever–expanding variety of dairy and cheese substitutes that just keep getting better.