Board Committees

Member-owner participation is encouraged.
Call contact person or email for more information and to confirm meeting times.

Annual Meeting
Carries out planning & implementation of Annual Membership Meeting.
Ad hoc
Bindy Pendleton, 338-4256

Board Development
Oversees board procedures, policies, orientation and training.
2nd Tuesday of the month, 9:30am
Bindy Pendleton, 338-4256

Building and Grounds

Advises on the store’s physical plant and environment.
2nd Thursday of the month, 1pm
Paul Nyren, 323-1968; Janis Stone, 338-2204


Reviews & updates Co-op Board of Director Bylaws.
Ad hoc
Debbi Lasky, 589-4546; Kip Penny, 722-3112

Elections and Nominations
Oversees board member recruitment and election process.
Ad hoc
Phil Prince, 338-1681


Serves as financial advisor to management and oversees the Co-op’s finances.
3rd Tuesday of the month, 3pm
Jerry Savitz, 338-1492

Long-Range Planning

Guides long-range planning process.
1st Friday of the month, 11:30am
Ron Braybrook, 338-0609

Management Oversight

Meets regularly with the general management team and evaluates team members.
Not open to the public.
Bindy Pendleton, 338-4256


Advises on membership policies and matters, including member education.
1st Tuesday of the month, 11:30am
Janis Stone, 338-2204

Public Interaction

Communicates for the Board.
Ad hoc
Kip Penny, 722-3112