Member = Owner

When you become a member of the Belfast Co-op, you are purchasing a share in a vibrant community resource that is democratically controlled by its member-owners. Member-owners are entitled to vote in annual elections, as well as on certain policy matters. Benefits of membership include discounts on select items throughout the store (sale items change monthly), as well as discounts on pre-orders in most departments. Spending money at a local business keeps more money in the community, as the Co-op gives priority to local producers, vendors and technicians.

Member-Owner Benefits

● Each month, there are member-only discounts on select items throughout the store.

● Members get a 20% discount on Bulk pre-orders, a 10% discount on Grocery, Pet Food, Produce and Dairy/Frozen case pre-orders.

● Members over the age of 62 get a 10% discount every Tuesday (on everything except alcohol, tobacco and periodicals). This discount is an additional 5% on top of the 5% discount we offer all Seniors on Tuesdays.

● We have a quarterly Super Sale day in which all purchases (except alcohol, tobacco and periodicals) are 10% off for all member-owners.

● Co-op member-owners receive a portion of the Co-op’s profits through annual patronage dividends. The Board of Directors determines annually if the Co-op can afford to distribute dividends. Yours is determined by the amount you spent in that year. There’s no guarantee, but if the Co-op is fiscally healthy, we all benefit.

Member-Owner Rights & Responsibilities

● Co-op Membership requires a $60.00 equity investment per adult in the household. This can be paid all at once, or in installments of $20.00 (for one adult) or $40.00 (for two, and so on) over three years. In the fourth year and thereafter, there is a $15.00 annual membership fee for the first adult, and $10.00 for each additional adult. Equity is 100% refundable.

● Members are owners with Voting Rights. - One Member, One Vote (equal investment/participation). Members vote in Board elections, as well as on certain policy matters.

● Member-Owners are encouraged to join us at our annual meeting, as well as our monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meetings. Member-owners may vote in our annual BOD election.

● As a Member-Owner you can participate in one (or more!) of our planning committees (these include Long Range Planning, Membership, and Purchasing Policy), and once you have been a member in Good Standing for six months, you may run for the Board of Directors.

Membership Builds a Community Connection

● Spending money at a local business keeps more money in the community. (Last estimate for the Belfast Co-op was .55 of every $1.00) Whenever feasable, we give priority to local producers, vendors and technicians, so that we in turn reinvest in the community.

● On the third Thursday of each month, the Co-op donates 1% of its sales to a non-profit organization. Some of our recipients included: Special Olympics Maine, Avian Haven, Newforest Institute, Belfast Summer Nights, Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast, Coastal Mountains Land Trust, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine.

● Invest in a business that is locally owned and democratically controlled through a BOD elected by membership, who in turn hire and oversee the General Management Team.

● Ready to Join? You can sign up at any of our front registers!