Al Arthur

I am a web designer living and working right here in Belfast. I’ve been making and managing websites for many years, and I specialize in custom made responsive designs built from the ground up with WordPress. I offer professional quality websites to individuals and small business’ for an affordable price, and I’ve built a lot of sites for local businesses, organizations, and individuals including the Penobscot Marine Museum and the Belfast Co-op.

As a member of the Co-op and a regular shopper, I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with the Co-op’s creative management team to develop this website. I am especially excited about this Member Business Directory which is designed to help promote our local economy and allow Co-op members to discover businesses and services available within the Co-op community. Co-op members can simply fill in a form and publish their own business web page on the website for free, and I hope everyone will take advantage of it. If you are a member of the Co-op, click here to add your listing today!

Please visit my website to see some examples of my work.

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Phone: 207-956-0451