Caroline Wales, CHLC

Caroline Wales is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. Avid seeker and student of spirit and truth, she has spent ten years in the social work world, as well as working through her PhD in Transpersonal Clinical Psychology. As a coach, counselor, and healer she offers personal insight and perspective, helping to facilitate your process and to deepen your practice of intention. Her work is tailored to your need, a developmental psycho-spiritual framework, ranging from that of mind-body-spirit practice, essential life management, to talk therapy. Central to this holistic approach is the understanding that we must each consider the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-conscious aspects of the Self, be willing to “love what is”, as well as cultivate an ongoing non-judgmental noticing. In Caroline’s practice, both personal and professional, pieces of mystic Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Christ consciousness and yoga philosophies are used. Her interest as an empath is to challenge you and support you through whatever shows up.

Holistic Life Coaching is an alternative to traditional therapy, helping one to clarify and focus on one’s goals, to engage one’s awakening process, to be heard and validated through their experiences, and to learn and utilize tools and skills to cope and process. It is a challenge to show up and begin a practice of intention with one’s words, actions, and thoughts, as well as a way to look at and heal old wounds that continue to surface in the present. Coaching can teach individuals to recognize their personal power in the manifestation of their lives, while also teaching one to tune into their bodies, energy, and spirit as a practice of loving and supporting themselves. Coaching in this context can help the individual acknowledge the shadow and unplug from old stories and belief structures, while engaging new perceptions and relational dynamics. Coaching with Caroline will teach you to identify your strengths and use them to be with whatever shows up.

Expect to go deeper.

35 Minute consults $35
1 Hour Session $85
1.5 Hour Session $115
Sliding Scale Starting at $50 an Hour

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Phone: 612-247-8443