Larason Guthrie

Larason has been a member of the Belfast Coop for over 30 years and even designed the rear addition.

Thinking of a “tiny” home but want more than a box? His designs are perfect for simple, green lifestyles. His calling is to create buildings which marry harmoniously to your specific site, with a respectful environmental footprint are shaped and sized by intelligently planned, modestly-sized, passive solar oriented and energy-efficient spaces to satisfy your needs and dreams which are built mainly from locally sourced materials, by local builders and craftsmen.

Land planning is his specialty with a deep understanding of local ordinances. Larason loves taking an ugly duckling and making a swan.

Doing it yourself? He is always ready to consult and can save you many headaches and possible thousands by a little forethought and vast experience.

Background: Larason Guthrie, B. Arch. Yale University

50 years of architectural design and land planning

10 years in San Francisco Bay area; schools, transit
station, city planning

40 years as organic designer and builder

More than 30 years in Waldo County

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Phone: 207-338-6140