Looking for a natural bristle toothbrush, clay deodorant, locally made healing salve, bulk rosehips, or homeopathic poison ivy remedy? The Co-op Wellness Department has all these products and thousands more to keep your body happy, healthy, and beautiful inside and out. How about a wood pin hairbrush? Ingredients for do-it-yourself herbal medicine making? Or beeswax candles? We have Ayurvedic supplements, local elderberry syrup, organic whey protein, and even incense to sooth your spirit.


Buying medicinal herbs and teas from our bulk jars is a great way to save money and reduce excess packaging. Whether you are making teas, tinctures or a poultice, bulk shopping allows you to purchase exactly as much or little as you want. We stock over 100 herbal teas for your health, featuring mostly organic herbs from Starwest Botanicals.


DIY Wellness! From salves to face creams, your co-op has everything you need to craft your own health and beauty products. We stock a large selection of unscented carrier oils, organic beeswax, essential oils from Aura Cacia, Nature's Alchemy, and NOW Foods, empty capsules, assorted sizes of bottles and jars, instructional books and recipes, and as always, our friendly staff is here to assist you in your creative adventure!


We carry a comprehensive selection of homeopathic remedies that support the body's natural capacity to heal. With products from Boiron, Standard Homeopathic, & Hyland's,  our single remedies come in either 30C or 6C and we offer a variety of formulas to assist with a maladies from arthritis to sinus.

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