General Manager


Doug Johnson,
General Manager,

Department Managers

Carmine Ferrante, Facilities Manager, 2017-present

Naya Flanzala, Human Resources Manager, 2017-present

Jeremy Peskoe, Store Operations Manager, 2016-present

Alex Cobbs, Meat & Cheese Manager, 2015-present

Carisa Carney, Marketing Manager, 2016-present

Susan Fahlberg-Hansen, Front-End Manager, 2016-present

Poly Collins, Deli Manager, 2015-present

Judith O'Donovan, Center Store Manager, 2016-present

Zafra Whitcomb, Finance & Information Systems Manager, 2007-present


Center Store Buyers

Jesse Waryck, Grocery and Bulk buyer since 2014
Ronald "Goldy" Goldstein, Bread and Snacks buyer since 1994
Rani Howe, Wellness buyer since 2003
Cheryl White, General Merchandise and Pets buyer since 2002
Mikey Knowles, Dairy and Frozen buyer since 2016
Leo Coronado, Beer and Wine buyer since 2016

& everyone else!

Cashiers, stockers, kitchen staff, maintenance, promotions and education folks... We are so lucky to have them all!


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